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Have you ever experienced a situation where your car got stuck in the middle of the road while you were off for a trip? Or have you got a puncture in your car’s tire? Did you face any tension or trauma? Well, in the past you might have gone through such a crucial situation, but at present handling, such a scenario might become much more seamless. At Gretow, with our team of experts, we are ready to assist you in every possible manner. It might be an emergency breakdown recovery, flat tire assistance, car towing service, or anything else that comes under the list of emergency roadside assistance, we are here to help you out. What you need to do is give us a call on your phone and we will be there to rescue you from the situation.

Roadside Assistance

Our roadside emergency services take all necessary steps to help your disabled car go forward on its own. We can boost batteries, fix a flat tire, and make small modifications to alternators, starters, and other components while you’re driving!

Mobile Tire Service

Faced flat tire with no spare? No problem! Because Gretow is here to assist you.  Flat tires can also be dangerous, particularly if you are on a busy road and are unsure of how to change a tire. But you need not worry.  24/7 emergency mobile tire changing service is now offered.

Gas Delivery

Did your vehicle go out of fuel while you are way towards your destination?  Well, you need not worry because at Gretow, we are present to assist you. Whenever you are in need of fuel connect with us. Our team will deliver fuel wherever you need it.

Park Enforcement

Protecting the security of a parking lot is indeed crucial. And here comes the role of Parking enforcement. Infractions involving accessible, on-street, private property, school zones, and private agency parking are handled by Parking Enforcement Services.

Car Lockout

Have you unintentionally locked yourself out of your car? Don’t know what to do? Being locked out of your automobile can be annoying, and occasionally, car owners will turn to more unusual ways to open their vehicle. But it can be perilous for your vehicle. Instead, you can get in touch with Gretow for an effective car unlock service.

Jump Starts

Your car battery died out? Nothing is more unpleasant than finding out you need a car battery boost, especially when it’s terrible outside, it’s dark outside, or you’re driving. When you need a car battery boost, you can rely on Gretow to deliver the necessary roadside assistance and car jump start service, typically within 30 minutes of your call.

Long Distance Towing

Do you need to tow your vehicle for quite a long distance? Yes! Gretow is here. We are one of the prominent long-distance towing service providers in Etobicoke.  Whenever you encounter an emergency scenario with your vehicle, our knowledgeable team of experienced tow truck operators and roadside service professionals would be happy to come to your aid.

Flatbed Towing

Let’s confront it, not every car can be safely pulled using the traditional hook and chain tow trucks and wheel lifts. Gretow provides roadside assistance, 24-hour emergency towing, and inexpensive flatbed towing throughout the Greater Toronto Area. Our fully-equipped fleet is stationed around the city and ready to offer Toronto drivers fast assistance.

Commercial Towing

To keep your business moving at its pace commercial towing service plays a pivotal role. Because of this, our dispatchers are on call around-the-clock to send one of our large fleet’s more than thirty specialist tow trucks directly to you. As a commercial towing service, we have the tools and Class A drivers who are well-experienced to meet all of your needs. Do not extend your timeline. When you need them, get commercial towing services from Gretow.

Heavy truck Towing

Throughout Ontario Gretow offers skilled and dependable heavy towing services. We are equipped to handle any heavy-duty towing emergency thanks to our large fleet of heavy tow trucks and recovery vehicles. When you need us, our skilled recovery team of towing professionals will provide quick, amiable heavy towing services.

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