Hire trusted service of heavy vehicle towing Vaughan

Transporting and operating large machinery on the often packed roadways of Vaughan might sometimes result in the necessity for a competent heavy-duty towing service or reliable service of  heavy vehicle towing Vaughan. Whether it’s transferring an overhead crane or equipment to and from a project site, or managing a wrecked tractor-trailer, Gretow is here to offer assistance.

At Gretow, we gladly specialize in the towing, transferring and retrieval of heavy-duty and super-heavy duty vehicles. We have extensive expertise in urgent turnarounds, and an outstanding on-scene safety history that has been appreciated by both the LAPD and CHP.

What types of vehicles are deemed heavy duty

Some of the most substantial trucks on the road can be towed by our heavy-duty vehicles with ease. At Gretow, our heavy-duty trucks can tow, specifically:

commercial vehicles, such as tour, charter, and city buses

Semi tractor-trailers that are fully loaded

Straight and Bobtail Trucks

loaded containers and trailers

Garbage trucks, cement trucks, and dump trucks

cranes and large machinery

Our big wreckers offer other services besides towing, such as

Deckings and Un-Deckings for tractors

winsches out

Container/Trailer Lifts



Accident recoveries when loading/unloading large machinery.

Reliable commercial towing professional

Being a commercial driver means you spend a lot of time behind the wheel and are more exposed to the unpredictable factors of the road. You have no idea when you might require the assistance of a reputable towing company in Vaughan. At Gretow, our medium-duty towing services are available to assist you in a need whether you’re operating a larger recreational vehicle, utility truck, bus, shuttle, or other type of larger vehicle.

We are also pleased to work with businesses looking for a towing service to provide contracted towing services for their fleet of vehicles. To deliver the best towing and recovery services, we collaborate with hundreds of big businesses so that from our end we can deliver you the best possible service.

To avail of our service or to discuss contract options with us connect with us or e-mail us.