Call Gretow Heavy Rescue When Seeking the Top Crane Services in Markham

With its extensive inventory of cranes, seasoned operators, and commitment to excellence, Gretow Heavy Rescue offers reliable and efficient solutions for recovering vehicles in challenging situations. Whether you require assistance with overturned trucks, submerged vehicles, or complex recovery operations, we are happy to help! Our cost-effective crane services in Markham include vehicle stabilization, underwater vehicle recovery, off-road vehicle recovery, and specialized vehicle recovery.

Vehicle Stabilization

Our skilled operators can upright vehicles safely and efficiently with the help of powerful cranes. We will carefully assess the situation, devise a strategic plan, and utilize our specialized equipment to restore overturned vehicles to their original position, minimizing further damage.

Underwater Vehicle Recovery

If you have a submerged vehicle in a water body, do not hesitate to seek any of our crane services in Markham without any delay. We have the necessary equipment, including cranes with lifting capabilities, to retrieve vehicles carefully from underwater locations. Our trained operators work diligently to ensure a successful recovery whilst prioritizing safety.

Off-Road Vehicle Recovery

When vehicles are stuck in off-road environments, our cranes can help. We are familiar with recovering vehicles from challenging terrains and utilize the power of our bleeding-edge cranes to safely extract the vehicles and bring them back to the ground.

Specialized Vehicle Recovery

Our consultants have the expertise to handle specialized vehicle recovery operations. Whether you are dealing with heavy machinery, oversized vehicles, or unique cargo, they are knowledgeable enough to address the intricacies of the recovery process.


We maintain a diverse collection of cranes to accommodate a wide range of vehicle recovery scenarios. Our operators meticulously maintain and periodically inspect the same to ensure optimal performance. Call Gretow Heavy Rescue now for any queries or further information on low-cost crane services in Markham!